RFRK is dedicated to enabling & inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating for kids & the families who love them.


Our Daily Mission…

  • Change the way children eat and understand food
  • Provide children with healthy and delicious meals and snacks
  • Reconnect children and families to real food
  • Inspire future generations to make healthier choices, every day
  • Support Ontario farmers and producers who are as committed to responsible and sustainable business practices as we are

Real Food Values


We all think that food is meant to be nourishing, so how did we find ourselves at the mercy of a factory-farmed, industrial food supply that is designed for shelf-life rather than nutrition?

Squeeze-bottle ketchup on processed, dime-a-dozen burgers? None here, thanks!

We prefer to serve our RFRK Ketchup (sweetened with maple syrup) and our beef patties (custom designed by RFRK and our local cattle farmers). Now that’s something you’d want to sink your teeth into!

Real Food for Real Kids - Healthy Boy with Cucumber at Lunch Time


North American food culture has seen a steady decline in recent generations, characterized by a dangerous slide away from nutritious and locally-grown whole foods, and toward cheap, highly processed “convenience foods.”

We know that sounds crazy, but people were enticed by low prices and short-term convenience, and misinformed about nutrition and the inevitable long-term health consequences of our choices. This has been called our “Fast Food Nation,” and it’s put us on course for a shorter life expectancy and a lower quality of life.

The new status quo is unacceptable to Real Food for Real Kids and we fight hard to overturn it.

And we’re succeeding: by leveraging economies of scale, buying local ingredients from Canadian producers whenever possible, and creating highly efficient delivery systems, we’re able to provide our high-quality meals and snacks within child care centre and parents budgets. Yes, it is possible. It’s an uphill battle, but we’re passionate about transforming our food culture back into one that is healthy, responsible, and sustainable.


Transforming children’s eating habits is no small feat, that’s why we’ve recruited an amazing team to lead the change!
Our dedicated Client Service team, amazing Super Drivers, talented Cooks and resourceful Real Food Purchasers, all go to great lengths to ensure that keeping your kids engaged in the real food experience is child’s play!


These days, the environment is on everybody’s mind – including ours. We hope to be judged not just by what we create in the Real Food Kitchen, but also by our practices.

RFRK has made a commitment to prioritize Ontario grown ingredients. By supporting local farms, we’re making an investment in our local economy!

RFRK is committed to reducing our environmental impact by sending as little trash as possible to our overflowing landfills. The biggest step we’ve taken to achieve this lofty goal is delivering our food in reusable stainless steel containers, to the child care centres, camps and schools we serve.

Other Key RFRK Environmental Initiatives:

  • Efficient Vehicle Fleet – Our delivery fleet is comprised of Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, equipped with BlueTec engines which provide an 80% reduction in harmful automotive emissions and incredibly fuel efficient 4 cylinder Ford Transit Connects.
  • Wild-caught Skipjack tuna and Canadian salmon – All of RFRK’s tuna and salmon are purchased from Raincoast Trading, a Canadian seafood company committed to fishing with integrity and preserving the well-being of our marine ecosystems. Unbleached, sustainably-sourced and packed in BPA-free cans. We love the stuff, and the kids do too!


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is what drives us. To that aim, we’ve gone a step beyond being just your average locally-focused, deliciously inventive caterers. We want to cultivate values, expand childrens’ palates, and enhance the nutritional IQs of all of our stakeholders, children, parents, caregivers, and their communities. We help kids build the life long habits of eating healthy real food and a commitment to sustainable living.