“Real Food for Real Kids has had a profound effect on how we deliver exceptional services to our children and families. When we envision children as individuals who are deserving of well planned meals, locally sourced food items, and high quality nutrition, then it becomes impossible to consider anything less.

We have seen the benefits of what wholesome, balanced meals provide to our children’s capacity to meet the demands of a full day of programming, learning and engagement.”

–Nicole, Manager, Child Development Centre, Rosalie Hall


“We want you to know what a delight it is to be in partnership with Real Food for Real Kids. You only have to taste the food to feel the love and passion that has gone into the meal planning. Our educators eat the food each day too and appreciate the colourful variety and high quality, nutritious ingredients that keep our kids energized.

Real Food for Real Kids in the ONLY way to go!”

–Cassie, Owner/Director, Apple Jacks Preschool


“Our son was a very fussy eater but we’ve noticed a HUGE difference in his approach to trying new foods. Sometimes he says, ‘I just have to get used to it mom’.

Real Food for Real Kids’ approach to food has helped him become a more adventurous eater, and I fully support this program.”

–Amanda, Parent

“A great big thanks to Real Food for Real Kids for donating food to support the Toronto Foundation for Student Success’ (TFSS) beyond 3:30 after-school program. As well, Real Food for Real Kids donated food to support the beyond 3:30 annual Walkathon, where funds were raised to support this unique program.

Here at TFSS we work hard to support children and youth across our city, but we couldn’t do it without the support of wonderful partners.”

–Sandra, Director, Strategic Planning, Donor Relations & Communications, TFSS