Real Food for Real Kids - Child Care

Building Blocks for Happy, Healthy Kids!

Our catering program for child cares includes nutritious hot lunches, morning and afternoon snacks,
and a choice of milk service options to suit your centre.

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Real Food for Real Kids - Healthy Boy with Cucumber at Lunch Time

Fresh, Tasty and Nutritious

Our menu changes with every season to ensure we’re maximizing variety on the plate! Who doesn’t love digging into crisp asparagus in May and June or creamy sweet potatoes in November and December?! Each month we offer a variety of globally inspired dishes to expand the palates of our learning eaters!

Our hot lunch and snack program exceeds the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) and the City of Toronto Children’s Early Learning and Care Assessment of Quality Improvements (ELCAQI). RFRK menus are always reviewed & approved by a third party Registered Dietician.

Guaranteed Daily Delivery

Great food is only part of the equation: it’s also critical that it arrives on time. RFRK prides itself on its logistics almost as much as its food. We’ve got backup plans for our backup plans (like engine block heaters for all our vans and a  powerful electricity generator which can take the entire Real Food Kitchen off the grid in case of a black out!)

Come rain, sleet, hail, snow or cloudy with a chance of meatballs…our courteous, professional Super Drivers get the right food to you on time and at the right temperature!

Real Food for Real Kids - Snack Time with Apples, Oranges, Whole Wheat Pita, and Blueberry-Citrus Loaf

Industry-Leading Allergy & Special Meal Program

Parents and caregivers love the peace of mind that comes with customized menu plans with individually sealed and labeled replacement meals for every child with allergy or dietary restrictions. And with substitute items like Real Food Kitchen-made bread baked with bean and rice flours, dairy-free soy yogurt, and a complete 4-week cycle of delicious alternative and vegetarian meals, kids with special dietary needs enjoy the same variety of delicious, nutritious food as their friends!

Above and Beyond

For special events like a field trip or a parent night, dig into fresh RFRK picnic meals! Packed picnic lunches are available year-round and can be customized to meet your centre’s specific needs.  Do you have a birthday coming up or are low on healthy, nut free Pantry supplies?  Contact one of our Clients & Service Representatives and order a locally baked nut-free cake or supplies for an upcoming parent night!

We’re your own Nutritional Dream Team! Our staff is here to help you with creative solutions for finicky eaters, provide information on food allergies, tips to pass your nutrition evaluation criteria with flying colours, or whatever else can help you in the realm of nutrition.

What’s on the Menu at Child Care Centres?

Fuel up with a Morning Snack!

Our snacks always contain at least two food groups. To us, providing a wide variety is very important. Inspired combinations like our Super Smoothies which include creamy yogurt stirred together with fruit & veggie blends or the Real Food Kitchen-made muffins both served with a side of fresh fruit!

The Pièce de Résistance, Lunch!

Our 4-week rotating menu includes main dishes devised from pasture-raised beef, organic turkey, wild caught Ocean Wise salmon & tuna and nutrient-rich legumes.

We pair these with a variety of grains including red, basmati, brown or wild rice, quinoa, whole grain whole wheat pasta, white and tricolour pastas and a mouth-watering variety of custom and specialty bread products. And of course, no plate would be complete without a colourful combination of vegetables and fruit – with a particular focus to get as many of these ingredients as possible from local farms.

Our menus are approved by a third party Registered Dietician and exceed all of the guidelines in the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA).  Our lunches also exceed PPM 150 guidelines for elementary school settings.

Need a Boost? Dig into an Afternoon Snack!

Kids love to be fun and creative, that’s why we build our menus with the intention to provide engaging and interactive Snacktivities – like our Veggie Art, Mini Pita Pizzas & Rice Cracker-Stackers! Kids will also dig into fresh fruits and veggies, Ontario-produced milk, locally made mini pitas and Real Food Kitchen (RFK) – made salsa, dips, hummus and more!

Every item we provide follows our Real Food Promise which contributes to focused, happy, healthy kids!