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Where Nutritious And
Delicious Come Together,
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Let the Real Food Lunch Club (RFLC) take care of your kids’ lunches this school year with healthy, peanut and tree nut-free meals at one of our 13 schools throughout Toronto.

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About The Program

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Eat Real Food The Lunch Club Way! 

The RFLC menu features kid-favourites with a Real Food twist like our Mac Chick ‘n Cheese with carrot purée or our Vegetarian Pasta Bake with red lentil sauce. All enrolled kids enjoy the same meal unless they have an allergy or dietary restriction. All meals made in the Real Food Kitchen are peanut and tree nut-free and exceed nutritional standards for schools within Ontario.

Kids will also receive an RFRK-approved treat once a week. These treats could include RFRK-made cookies & muffins, fresh fruit or nut-free granola bars from our trusted suppliers.

Lunch Club Coach At Your Service!

Every RFLC school is stationed with one or more Lunch Club Coaches (LCCs) to serve up our nutritious meals. LCCs put a little bit of everything in every kid’s container to help develop familiarity for new flavours!

LCCs are trained on proper food safety and handling to meet Toronto Public Health standards and to use RFRK’s tricks and tips for encouraging learning eaters.

Real Food Lunch Club - Vegetarian Pasta Bake

Kid-Approved Dishes

Beef Burgers

Chicken Meteorites

Marinara Beef Meatballs

Mac Chick ‘n Cheese

Sri Lankan Chicken

Vegetarian Pasta Bake

Salmon Casserole

Real Food Lunch Club - Tomato-Spinach Frijoles

Litterless Lunch Love

The RFLC is a litterless program – kids are required to come to school with a labelled reusable container, cutlery, and a drink. Bringing a reusable container and cutlery from home empowers kids to be environmental leaders. Revolutionize the school lunch experience by keeping the Real Food Lunch Club litterless!

Participating Schools

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Real Food Lunch Club - Humbercrest Public School
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Real Food Lunch Club - Norway Logo
Real Food Lunch Club - Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau Logo
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Subscription Options

Real Food Lunch Club - Chicken Meteorites

1. For kids who eat everything and have no allergies or dietary restrictions
2. For kids with allergies or dietary restrictions*

Click here to see a sample menu.

**If your child has an allergy or dietary restriction, please select the Allergy or Restriction subscription on your school page. RFRK can cater almost any allergy by restricting the specific ingredient from your child’s menu.

*Please note that mid-month changes cannot be made. If you must change your subscription due to a dietary restriction change, or have questions about a specific allergen please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

All lunches include a full serving of protein, grain, and vegetable.

All lunches include a full serving of protein, grain, and vegetable. 


The Real Food Lunch Club is a monthly subscription program* with a set average cost. Pricing is based on the number of days of service at your child’s school and the number of LCC’s required for an efficient lunch service. Head to your school page to see specific pricing.
*The subscription will automatically renew on the first (1st) of each month. The Visa or MasterCard that you provide through our secure checkout will be charged for the full following month unless you let us know that you want to withdraw before the next billing cycle.


It’s a breeze! Just head to your school page and select the subscription option (see above) that best fits your kids’ needs. If there are any allergies to let us know about, please confirm the details when filling out the Allergy and Restriction subscription.

Absences + Opting Out Of The Program

Real Food Lunch Club - Beef Meatballs
Real Food Lunch Club - Beef and Bean Chili

Missing A Day?

For any planned absences like a field trip or doctors appointment, just fill out this form to let us know with 3 business days notice and a refund can be applied to your credit card.

Sick Day?

If your child is sick or there is an unplanned day away from school, we will make sure that that food is enjoyed by another child. Refunds are not possible within 2 business days of lunch service.

Need A Break?

Withdrawing? We’re big advocates for sticking with the program for at least 1 month. It lets kids try a variety of meals, build up familiarity for new foods and lets positive peer pressure run its course.

Still need a break? Just let us know by filling out this form before the 25th of the month, and we’ll process the withdrawal for the end of the month. You won’t be billed in the future.

Real Food Forward

When we started the Real Food Lunch Club (RFLC) program in elementary schools, we created a subsidy program called Real Food Forward (RFF). RFF leverages contributions from RFRK, parents and generous community members, to provide free meals for families that need a helping hand.

Did you know that families registered in the RFLC have the option to Pay It Forward to help a family in need? If you plan for your child to be absent on a lunch service day, simply choose “Pay It Forward” when completing the absence form and your refund will go directly towards subsidizing a free meal.

Since its introduction in 2008, RFF has provided over 31,600 free meals to families in need across the GTA!

For more information on how to participate as an RFF recipient, contact your school principal.